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What's in your Mix?

A look at mixtures and solutions
Lydia M.
Classroom teacher
Cameron Elementary School
Cameron, United States
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My Grades 3
My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies

Students will be able to...

  • describe the physical properties of various mixtures
  • describe the physical properties of various solutions
  • compare/contrast mixtures and solutions
Grades 3
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1 Engage

Activity: Investigating

Give students a cup of trail mix.

Describe the ingredients and physical properties of the mixture, including mass, magnetism, and sink/float (will do as a class demonstration rather than have each group sink/float their samples of trail mix)

Separate the ingredients of the mixture.

Describe how the ingredients change/stay the same when mixed together and separated.

Watch presentation on Mixtures and discuss the ingredients of each and physical properties observed.


2 Explore

Activity: Exploring

Students will:

  • Choose two materials from a teacher-provided selection (e.g., gravel and sand, metal and plastic paper clips, water and pepper, etc). 
  • Measure, test, and record the physical properties for both materials, including:  mass, magnetism, sink/float
  • Take photos of your investigation as steps are performed
  • Once all data is recorded, combine the two materials. 
  • Observe the mixture and write a short paragraph describing how the physical properties of the mixture compare to the physical properties of the original materials. 
  • Determine whether a mixture or solution was created and explain why

3 Explain

Activity: Exploring

Watch the following video from you on mixtures and solutions and how to separate the matter in each



  • Evaluate methods for separating mixture/solution, including magnetism, sink/float, and straining.  First separate by hand and time how long it takes.  Then using each of the separation methods, separate the mixture/solution if possible and time each one to find the best method.

4 Evaluate

Activity: Presenting

Using the pictures taken during investigation, students will create a digital presentation of what they have learned during this lesson.  Be sure to include vocabulary discussed and learned during the lesson (at least 3 words)

*Physical properties of each ingredient, including mass, magnetism, and sink/float

*Physical properties of mixture/solution

*Best method for separating mixture/solution

*With another group, compare/contrast mixture and solution OR compare/contrast mixture and solution using VennDiagram (or another digital app) app