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What Would You Do?

Write a story about someone who is using or considering using unsafe behavior on the Internet and tell what you would do to help keep them safe.
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Students will be able to...

Use Scratch Jr. to write and animate a story about someone they know who is using, or is considering using, behavior that could put them in a dangerous situation. The story should include details about why the behavior is unsafe, and what they (the author) would do to help keep their friend safe.

English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 3
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1 Help! I Need Somebody (But I Don't Know It Yet!)

Activity: Conversing

Help! Your best friend is about to do something online that could put him in a dangerous situation. It's up to you to help him decide on a safe alternative. How can you convince him to protect himself better?

2 What If?

Activity: Debating

Give some What If ... scenarios. Discuss possible actions and outcomes.

3 Tell Me a Story

Tell students they are going to use the Scratch Jr. app to create a story about a friend who has - or is considering - putting himself in a dangerous situation online. Their job is to help change their friend's course of action by convincing him to choose a safer plan.

Student Instructions

Students can use ready-made characters, or make their own. They must use the typing tool to tell their story, and animation tools to add action. They can use the voice recorder for sound effects or to add interest to a particular part. Stories should have at least 5 pages, and include a "hook" type beginning, building action in the middle, and a wrap-up ending.

4 The Plot Thickens

Give students time to create their animated stories. They can do one individually or in pairs.

5 Story Time

Give students time to do a gallery walk and read each other's stories. 

End with a discussion and generated list of tools and comments that helped persuade their friend to keep himself safe.