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What should I eat?

balanced, carbohydrates, diet, Eat Well Plate, fats, food groups, fruits and vegetables, grains and tubers, legumes and animal products, minerals, nutrients, proteins, vitamins
Adriana G.
Classroom teacher
Instituto Lomas del Real
San Luis Potosí, Mexico
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My Grades 7, 8
My Subjects English Language Learning

Students will be able to describe a balanced diet and explain its importance.

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1 Warm up

Activity: Drawing

The teacher will ask the student to draw what they think is a complete healthy meal in their notebook.

2 Sharing knowledge

The teacher will ask the students to watch the video about healthy eating. 

The teacher will ask some questions about why do students thing the video was interesting, what do they think its important to eat healthy, how do they feel when they are hungry and what type of food helps them to get more energy.

The teacher will introduce "The Eat Well Plate" to students only naming the different food groups but without giving examples. The teacher will have to explain to students why "The Eat Well Plate" has different quantities for each food group.

3 Let´s work together

Activity: Creating

The teacher will make teams (for better results the teams should have only two members). 

The teacher will give to each team a cardboard with the picture of "The Eat Well Plate" (without any word or picture), some magazines and the names of the food groups.

The teacher will ask the students to label the different parts of "The Eat Well Plate" with the correct name and then look, cut and paste 3 or 4 examples for each group food from the magazines.

When the students finish they will have to share their work with another team and explain why they pasted the pictures in each part.

4 Let´s check my drawing

Activity: Other — Analysing

The teacher will ask the students to go back to the drawing they did at the beginning of the class and using all the new information that they know think about if their drawing is really an example of a complete healthy meal.


5 Wrap up

Activity: Presenting

The teacher will ask some students to share their drawing with the rest of the classmates and explain the reasons why he or she thinks the drawing is complete or not.

If it is not the student will have to say what is missing.