We're retiring teacher-created lesson plans in September 2021. Please save copies for your records. Common Sense digital citizenship lessons are here to stay.
Teacher-Created Lesson Plan

What is the place of digital media in our lives?

Students will evaluate their own digital media use and determine when it is helpful or harmful.
Marie D.
Media specialist/librarian
New Utrecht High School
Brooklyn, United States
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My Subjects English Language Arts, Social Studies, Arts

Students will be able to...

Evaluate current digital media usage

Look at where this usage is helpful

Determine in which areas it is distracting and taking away from necessary commitments

English Language Arts
Social Studies
English-Language Learning
Grades 9 – 11
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1 Hook

Show the Apple Apocalypse Video and gauge student reactions.  

Student Instructions

Watch Apple Apocalypse and reflect on how digital media affects your life.  Determine where this use is helpful, when it distracts from necessary tasks, or is harmful to you.

2 Direct Instruction

Students will learn that what they leave on line is permanent even if they delete it.  

Student Instructions

Google yourself and see what your digital footprint looks like.

3 Guided Practice

Activity: Creating

Students will explore the videos on Digital Bytes and we will discuss how this tool can be used to teach others to manage their digital footprint.  

Student Instructions

Write a video script with a partner where you will teach someone how to manage their digital footprint.

4 Independent Practice

Activity: Creating

Monitor student activity as they create their video.

Student Instructions

Work with you partner to record your video teaching others to monitor their digital footprint.

5 Wrap UP

Activity: Presenting

Teacher will use a rubric to assess student videos.

Student Instructions

Students will present their video.