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What If?

Students will explore alternate history outcomes.
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Students will be able to research and learn the key events in World War II. While reporting on the key events of the war, students will explore "What if?" scenarios to determine how different outcomes could have affected the future. 

English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 9 – 11
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1 Hook/Attention Getter

Show the YouTube video clip about The Nazi WW2 Victory. Ask students to think about how different life would be today if World War 2 had ended in a different way. Have students brainstorm at least five things that would be different in their lives if Germany had won WW2. 

Student Instructions

List at least five ways your life would be different if Germany had won World War Two. 

2 Guided Practice

Have students work in pairs or triads to complete a timeline of the major events of World War Two using Popplet. 

Student Instructions

Students will create a timeline of the major events of World War Two using Popplet. The timeline should include both text and images. Use the "Timeline World War 2 with Robert MacNeil" for examples of how this might look.  

3 Direct Instruction

Comic Life
Free to Try, Paid

Discuss the relationship between cause and effect. Have students choose one event from their timeline and create a "what if" hypothesis using Comic Life or another app of their choice. Each student should have a different event than their partner(s). 

Student Instructions

Choose one event from your timeline. Each group member should have a different event. Using Comic Life or other approved app, create a "what if" hypothesis to show how your life would be different today based on the alternate outcome of your event. 

4 Public Presentation

Activity: Presenting

Students will showcase their "what if" events to the local historical society during a "What If Fair." 

Student Instructions

During a "What If Fair" students will present their events to members of the local historical society, parents, and community members.