Lesson Plan

Welcome to the world of audio

introduction to audio and headphone

1. remember 6 common formats of audio files, the advantages and disadvantages of them

2.. analyze some basic parameters of music quality

3. understand how music file become  lyric in your headphones or speakers.

4. understand three types of headphones

5. evaluate some information regarding buying headphones

6. create some live example of buying headphone

Grades 1 – 10
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1 Introduction

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introduce students to audio world using two very different quality audios

Some pictures with different brand headphone.


Student Instructions

students are encouraged to provide some headphone brands.

Some audio formats.

2 terminology of audio

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1. introduce common formats of audio files DSD MP3 FLAC WAV APE ALAC

2. What is Bit Rate, what is Sample Rate? DSD has the highest sample rate, FLAC ALAC has the highest bit rate and not low sample rate

3. What is PCM and DSD recording? PCM record real sound signal horizontally, DSD record real sound vertically but DSD needs more space

DSD is more natural sound you can hear people's cough or even artists' chairs' buzzing sound

Student Instructions

What are the most accurate Hi-Fidelity music format? 

Answer: DSD & High quality FLAC & ALAC


3 teaching of how music is played

1. present a line chart of PC/CD player/walkman------------>DAC--------------->amplifier---------------->headphone/speaker

2. what is DAC, what is digital player?

why? digital signal to analog signal then amplify

this is called music playing system

Student Instructions

1. discussion: When you are listening to music using your phone, where is DAC, amplifier or player?

Revelation: It is possible to make everything small or everything large depending on your level Hi-Fi.

4 Headphones' types

Activity: Presenting

1. Three types of headphone and how they play music?

dynamic headphone

armature headphone

electrostatic headphone

2. Brand of headphones

Bose, beats and monster

Westone, Shure, Etymotic and Ultimate Ears

Sennheiser, beyerdynamic

Stax and ORPHEUS

Student Instructions

What types of headphone is beats or bose?


5 How to buy headphone?

1. introduce parameters of headphones

resistance and sensibility

2. what kind of headphone needs system.

high resistance or low sensibility

3. what will happen if you don't use system to work those hard-stone headphone?

strange sound or no sound!

4. Other function of headphone: sound isolation, sports headphone etc.

Student Instructions

Does beats headphones need system?

No they have low resistance and high sensitivity

why those flagship level headphone cost such a lot amount of money?

Very expensive material, long time and large amount of money and human resources to develop those headphone

6 final thought

conclusion, for Hi-Fi fans, be aware to avoid tricks from sellers (ex. Shure KSE1500 newly announced products 2499 dollar and the amplifier is useless)

for music lovers, buy a headphone which worth its price

Student Instructions

Now do you know what is high quality music?

Do you know what is good headphone?

example of buying bad headphones