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Weight in Space

What do you think you would weigh on the Moon?.....On each planet in the solar system?
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Students will be able to...Name the planet where you would weight the least.

TSWBAT; Name the planet, or planets, would you weigh more then on earth?

TSWBAT; Name the planets you would weigh nearly the same as on earth?

Grades 7 – 8
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1 Direct Introduction

Show visual of solar system....Discuss gravitational pull of the Sun relative to outer planets. Describe Earths Gravitational index as (1.) and exhibit relative gravitational index of other planets (in comparison to that of the Earth) as displayed on handout. Ask weather students can guess the weight on the planets listed, when compared to their own weight on Earth. Explain the difference between 1. and .1; have students guess their weight.

Show students how to multiply decimals and compare actual weight on various planets. Answer objectives given this process of multiplication of decimals. 

Have students plot the graph on endpage. Discuss the graph and relative weights.