Lesson Plan

Weekly Current Events

Each student will choose freely a weekly current event and post on a collaborative website called googledoc.com

Students will be able to identify what is considered a relative and informative current event and list both why they concur and disagree with the issue and apply them to their personal lives. 

Student instructions: Research a current event through a reputable newspaper and interpret the world event to better understand United States position and its role in the world today. 



Social Studies
Grades 9
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1 Weekly current events lesson flow

To utilize the technology knowledge and content knowledge of the Bloom's Digital taxonomy.  Using the Googledocs technology resource rather than a handwritten worksheet allows for the student to engage in the instant technological news world we live in and learn how to receive instant news and be able to collaborate with each other via a technology resource such as Googledocs. 

Student Instructions

Create a Googledocs account and each week provide the credible  website that you found your article on followed by the FiveWs: who,what,where,when,why. Within the "why" category include why you agree with the article along with why you disagree with article so you can begin to open your mind to opposing arguments and provide a more intelligent debate with other students. 

2 Independent instruction

Within this step, a teacher is using his or her own pedagogy knowledge along with technology knowledge. Attempting to show students what a credible news website should look like and they should be assessing. 

Student Instructions

I have listed three of the most popular websites that are credible news websites you may use to pick your weekly current event. If you find one on a website that is not listed please check with me so I can verify that it is credible. 

3 Wrap up

Activity: Assessing

In the wrap up, a teacher should be combining the pedagogy knowledge with the content knowledge and also the technology knowledge. Using these three levels of Bloom's Digital Technology should provide students with helpful information that will make them better students along with more educated and informed citizens of the United States. 

Student Instructions

Weekly Current Events are designed  to train you to become more informed and educated students and citizens. By providing both your agreeing side of the issue along with the dissenting side will help you to begin opening your mind to opposing sides and assist you in making more informative judgments on issues and be able to debate fellow students more intelligently.