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Week of Coding!

Spend more than just an hour on coding
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Students will be able to...

Students will be able to explain what coding is in simple terms and the importance of learning how to code. Students will be experimenting with coding using lightbots, code.org, tynker

Grades 2 – 6
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1 Introduction - Hook

Activity: Conversing

Explain programming/coding is giving instructions to the computer, because computers might just be the dumbest thing around....but are great at following directions

Have students understand that programming is not this language only geniuses and nerds can understand and do.

Have students raise their hand if they have ever played flappy bird, mine craft, or any video games? have they ever tried to make a game? its simpler than they think

2 Group practice - Giving Instruction

Activity: Presenting

Have the students give you instruction on how to create a square, or write your name. This is a time, as a teacher, you can be silly by taking everything students say as literally as possible. for example;

Student: Move your hand!

Teacher:Starts to shimmy hand.

Student:Put the marker on the board!

Teacher: Put the closed marker sideways on the board.

The goal is to have student, using direction and distance. For example using the directions; up,down,left,right or better yet, using cardinal directions as well as distance either standard or metric

Student Instructions

Give detailed instruction to the teacher to create a shape. Do not interrupt each other, raise hands, listen to other students ideas and build upon them.

3 Group Practice

Project light bot on the smart board / white board. Then with the studetns complete the first level together, having students instruct you what to do.

Be sure to help students with the buttons and controls. Be sure that they understand that the computer will not act, or think on its own. They must tell the light bot exactly where to go, how far, and what to do when they get there.

Finally, while playing the levels with the students, be sure to show them to take the puzzles in small pieces and then to constantly test their instructions. Tell them that if they make mistakes, its more than fine, its great! its learning!

4 Individual practice

Have the student program on their own. Have student go to code.org to view all the fun games they can play at learn from at home. However on code.org they have a link to light bot. have the students complete as much as time allows, and be sure to print out the certificates at the end if the child completes the game