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Weather or Not

A study of atmospheric conditions and the kinds of weather they create
Wilma A.
Classroom teacher
Huntington Middle School
Huntington, United States
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My Grades 6
My Subjects Science

;SC.O.6.1.11 construct and use charts, graphs and tables to organize, display, interpret, analyze and explain data.
SC.O.6.1.12 use inferential reasoning to make logical conclusions from collected data.
SC.O.6.2.24 monitor major atmospheric events using a variety of resources including technology.

Grades 6
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1 Hook

Students will explore Brain Pop site and specific videos to discover general information about atmospheric conditions and the severe weather they may create.

2 Direct Instruction

Videos and activities on this site will both instruct students and support teacher instruction. Using this tool in conjunction with teacher instruction, guest speakers (local meteorologists, naturalists, etc.) will provide a comprehensive experience

3 Guided Practice

In interactive lessons, students must both report the current weather in a timely manner, and predict weather changes and patterns to provide information/warnings to citizens before significant changes or severe weather occur. Students must recognize the implications of particular conditions and the weather they are likely to create.

4 Independent Practice

In the role of a meteorologist, students will use knowledge gained during instruction and guided practice to create a fictional but scientifically accurate weather report including graphs or charts, and a multi-day forecast based on developing weather conditions in their fictional report. Students will create visuals, film their on-camera presentation, and complete voice-overs for still photos/charts as needed

5 Wrap-Up

An interactive forecasting game taking concepts and vocabulary students have learned and using them to interpret weather patterns and make predictions.