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We have something in common!

Students will identify similar interests.
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Students will be able to identify an activity they enjoy. They will be able to talk with peers to determine similar interests and likes. Young students should be encouraged to find similarities between themselves and others.

Social Studies
Grades Pre-K – 1
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1 Find someone who...

Activity: Conversing

Standing in a circle, ask students to move next to someone who is the same as them. If some do move, elicit their ideas. If needed, give prompts and allow students to ask questions of each other to find someone who has something in common with them.

Possible prompts: games they like to play, books they enjoy reading, type of home they live in, siblings/pets, etc.

2 Explore Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

Using a projector, model navigating to and between games on the website. Give students time to play a few games. After 5 minutes, ask volunteers to give examples of an activity in Daniel's neighborhood that they enjoy. Which neighborhood character likes the same activity? Tell them to think of an activity in one of the games that they will to illustrate in a bit. Give them more time to play and be ready with an idea to illustrate.

3 Illustrate an Idea

Free, Paid

Model using Paint (on the More tab) in ABCya! Draw a simple illustration (a bucket of sand and a shovel). Depending on the skill level of your students, include or omit text (playing with sand).

Invite students to represent their similar interest in an illustration.

4 Share with a gallery walk and comments

Activity: Presenting

Direct students to walk around and view each other's illustrations. In a circle, ask for comments. Elicit positive comments about the illustrations. You may want to have a nonverbal method for students to indicate that they also enjoy the activity being discussed. Ask students to think about ways they are they same as their classmates.

If language scaffolding is helpful, provide this frame: "______ and I have something in common. We both like to _______."