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We are ready to learn about pronouns!

Students are introduced to the concept of a pronoun, and show mastery through Google Drawing, a Google From, and other activities through apps and websites.
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Students will be able to...

Identify pronouns.

Use pronouns correctly within a sentence.

Complete a mind map through Google Drawing.

Show mastery of pronouns through the completion of a Google Form.



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English Language Learning
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1 The Hook

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The Hook:

Introduce students to what a pronoun is by playing the video on YouTube. Discuss the pronouns mentioned in the video, and create a list of pronouns on the board.

2 Direct Instruction



Show the students the pronoun & be video from Brain Pop ESL. Discuss the video with students. Next, have students help you categorize the list of pronouns on the board. Next, read I and You and Don’t Forget Who...What is a Pronoun? - on the Epic for Education site. Discuss with students as the book is read.  

3 Group Practice

Pair students up, and have them practice using pronouns in the Learn Grammar (Kedar Trivedi) Grammar for Kids app - in the personal pronoun section.  Students should complete two sections together.

4 Independent Work

Inform students that they will be creating a mind map about pronouns in Google Drawing.  Students will be able to access this assignment through Google Classroom.  Students will type examples of pronouns within the mind map. Students will post their completed mind map in SeeSaw. 

5 Assessment/Wrap-Up