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We Are More Alike Than We Think

Intoduction to genetics, dominant and recessive traits
Rebecca P.
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Aptos Middle School (San Francisco, CA)
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Students will be able to... know the difference between dominant and recessive traits; students will be able to understand and use punndent squares and how to predict if a gene is dominant or recessive.

Grades 7
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1 The Hook, Can You Curl your Tongue

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Students may think that the more common the trait the Better you are... but that is not the case. Some traits simply show up more frequently in the human population.

Ask the three socrative quetions

Can you curl your tongue (yes, or no)

What do think the class frequency of tongue rolling might be ( provide %ages)

Open ended what other traits do you share with the class such as eye color or hair color?

2 Survey- An Inventory of My Traits

Activity: Exploring — learn.genetics.utah.edu

once on the learn.genetics website

looking for inherited human traits a quick referrence will provdie prictures for ELL students and SPED and for the general education that will show you the traits

To get the survey you can downloaded it from the same site, look for an item "alike but not the same"

if you can't find it on the website google An Inventory of My Traits. PDF and it will be second down the list

have students fill in the survey paper pencil is good or you can upload the docuemnt into google drive.

teacher creates a google form with with the survey questions and the students will use their ipad number and submit the data to share with the class.

Students then graph the data pencil paper extension;


3 Wrap Up

Google Drive
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Have students go home and compare their graph with their family, how are you alike how are you  different? Where do you think you got your traits. Is there a trait you have that your parent does not or bother or sister?