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We Are More Alike Than We Think

Introduction to Genetics (Dominant and Recessive Traits)
Cynthia M.
Classroom teacher
Aptos Middle School
San Francisco, United States
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My Grades 7
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Students will be able to...

Know the difference between dominant and recessive traits.

Know how to use Punnett Squares to predict genectic possibliities (dominant or recessivive traits)

Grades 7
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1 The Hook: Can you curl your tongue?

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Students think about curling their tongue, Yes or no? Then they go to Socrative to answer the question.

What do you think the class frequency of the tongue rolling might be? Use a percentage.

Students may think the more common the trait, the better you are, but that is not the case.

Review class data.

Add a short answer question: What other traits do you think you have most in common with your class?

(such as eye color, hair color)

2 Take survey of traits

Activity: Exploring — learn.genetics.utah.edu

General Ed, ELL, SPED students will go to the learn.genetics website to access examples of the particular examples of traits.  Then they will go to Google and type into the search: an inventory of my traits.pdf. Click on the second item and then click the surrvey.  Take this with your partner. Share with me on Google Drive.

3 wrap-up

Google Drive
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Have students go home and compare their graph with their family.  How are you alike? How are you different?  Where do you think you received your traits?  Is there a trait you have that your parent or sibling does not have?