Lesson Plan

We are all Stars.

Students will classify a star by its brightness, size, temperature, and color. Finally the class will make its own H-R diagram.
Zachary W.
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Uchon Elementary School
Seoul, South Korea
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My Grades 4
My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, English-Language Learning
  • Demonstrate understanding of star’s characteristics
  • Organize stars by their characteristics.
Grades 4
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1 Warm Up

Students will sing the song “Why Does The Sun Shine?” once slow, and once at the normal speed.

2 Pre-Lesson

  • Have students pre-determine the characteristics of a star they design, have them predetermine the stars, color, luminosity and size. Have s draw out a picture of the star they designed.
  • Use Google Cardboard with the app Planetarium VR, have students, find a star in the VR sky that is similar to the star they designed. Then have them record the name of the constellation in which the actual star lies.

3 Extension: Activity

  • Give s. a chance to make a more accurate star using construction paper and oil pastels. Tell s. that now they have to organize the stars. Give them 5 minutes to sort out the stars by size or color, whatever way they choose.
  • Remind s. of the H.R. diagram, show them how it organizes star temperature, luminosity and size.
  • Then let s. put their stars on the board in a H.R. style diagram. First in groups have students organize stars by size, luminosity, temperature in turn. Then have students put their stars in the group H-R diagram.
  • Show the H-R diagram of Omega Centauri,