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Wax Museum

Integrating tech into a teacher and student favorite
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My Grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
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  • Students will identify a person that shows good character, and research that person’s life and contributions to the world. 
  • Students will research their chosen person and create an organized Padlet containing all the information they found in their research.
  • Students will use the information they gathered to write an engaging and detailed report.
  • Students will transform their research report into a first-person speech about their chosen person, highlighting demonstrations of character. Students will practice their speech while being filmed and will reflect, and make improvements. 
  • Students will demonstrate their knowledge of their chosen person through an interesting and well-presented portrayal during the school Wax Museum.
  • Students will need to complete a video speech as well as a poster to display to the other students.
Social Studies
Grades 2 – 6
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1 Research Prep

Free, Free to try, Paid

Create a Padlet that contains a number of different historical figures students can choose from. If you have older students allow them to add information about their already chosen historical figure. 

If your students are younger, expedite the process and have the students choose a historical figure by watching videos, looking at pictures, reviewing biographical websites, etc.

The only problem with using Padlet is that the URL is too difficult for students to effectively navigate to (trust me there are always a few students who go to the wrong site and you will need to type in the whole URL over and over.) SO! To fix that problem we will use Nearpod in Step 2.

2 Students research and collect data

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Free, Free to try, Paid

Once you have created a Padlet with enough historical figures and enough content to keep your students on task, create a Nearpod presentation to allow students to access the Padlet by clicking on a simple link. 

Feel free to add slides to introduce the lesson, topic, give examples, etc.

Have students use this time to take notes, document information, to choose a historical figure, and learn more about them using the web.

For older students, if they find some great information, allow them to add it to the Padlet and contribute the information.

3 Continued research and beginning writing

Activity: Creating

Students will begin to create a 1st person speech to discuss their historical figure. Students will have enough time to produce a couple of drafts before the final product.

4 Video Day!

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Free, Paid
Free, Free to try, Paid

My school is fortunate enough to have a green screen and equipment to make some really cool videos. However if you just video tape your students it will do the trick.

Students will perform their speeches while being video taped. Students will then spend time in the computer lab watching their video (taking notes and reflecting on their presentation). You will be able to do this by privately uploading their videos to YouTube and then uploading those to a private (invite only) Padlet that the students can all view at the same time.

Students will watch their videos as many times as needed, reflecting upon their performance.

5 Poster Tech Intergration

Have the students create their own poster. But before the presentation day have the students use Aurasma to apply the presentation video they created and link it to an image of the poster. 

Inform parents and other students to bring a phone or tablet with the app installed and watch the presentation come alive

6 Presentation

Activity: Presenting

Have the kids do what they do best: PRESENT! This time since they have their video linked to their poster with their practiced speech, they can visit other booths and view other classmates' posters. Allow them to enjoy a day that they put a lot of work into.