Lesson Plan

Water Cycle Adventure

Students will create an iMovie documenting the journey of one drop of water going through the water cycle.
Anna G.
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James Denman Middle School
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My Grades 6, 7, 8
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Students will be able to...

1.   Imagine and visualize a water droplet going through the water cycle.

2.  Comprehend and use vocabulary words associated with the process of the water cycle.

3.  Create a storyboard showing the water droplet going through the water cycle.

4.  Use their storyboard to create an animated version of their comic.

Grades 6
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1 Hook

Do a quick readers theater reading of the water cycle with the students.  Ask for volunteers to read the various parts.  As the script is being read, ask students to visualize in their head what is happening to the water drop.

2 Introduction

Activity: Exploring

Introduce the assignment to the students.  Tell them that they will be creating a comic of the adventure of one water droplet that will be animated into a video.

Student Instructions

You are to create your own multi-panel comic.  It will follow one water drop’s journey through the ENTIRE water cycle (also known as the Hydrologic cycle).   Make sure it is written and drawn in the point of view of the water droplet.  Include each step of the water cycle.  Make it colorful, unique, and creative.  After you are done with your panels, you will be using them to create an animated version of your comic.

3 Comic Strip Creation

Activity: Creating

Students will be drawing and writing their comic strip at this time.  Students will need to have art supplies and storyboard panels available to them for use.

4 iMovie Creation

Google Drive
Free, Paid

Students will use their iPads to take pictures of each panel of their storyboard.  They will be adding their pictures into iMovie.  After adding the pictures to iMovie, they will be adding music and voice audio to their videos.  After completion of the video, they will be uploading the finished product to a Google Drive you have created for their videos.

5 Video Viewing

Google Drive
Free, Paid

You will have all the videos hopefully already organized in your Google Drive.  This will be time for you to show each person's video to the rest of the class.