Lesson Plan

Walk at School Scavanger Hunt

Students will walk at school and participate in a scavanger hunt.
David W.
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My Grades 4, 5, 6
My Subjects Health & Wellness

Students will be able to find objects located on the school grounds using an ipad, QR Reader, camera, and pedometer.

Health & Wellness
Grades 4 – 5
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1 Hook

Activity: Presenting

The teacher will go over instructions for the Walk at School Scavanger Hunt and assign iPads to students.

Student Instructions

The students will listen to instructions and follow the rules for the Walk at School Scavanger Hunt

2 Indepeendent Practice

Activity: Exploring

Students will supervise students as the participate in exploring.

Student Instructions

Studnets will walk the school grounds looking for objects that the QR Codes give them clues to find.

3 Wrap-up

Activity: Other — Students will show their teachers the photos of the objects found.

The teacher will check the students iPad to see if all items were found.

Student Instructions

Students will present photos of object to be checked.

4 independent Practice

Teachers will help students who are having difficulties with the QR Droid App.

Student Instructions

The students will use the QR Reader to find clues for object they are searching for during the scavanger hunt.