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Students will create an avatar based on their American hero
Daniella V.
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create an avatar

design avatar based on preferences
screen capture avatar for saving
write script about their avatar using cues and prompts

Social Studies
Grades 1 – 3
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1 HOOK/ATTENTION GETTER : digitalize your hero

Activity: Conversing

If you could recreate your American hero, what would he or she look like?

Using the information found in your primary sources, create your American hero. 


2 Direct Instruction

Free to try, Paid

As a culminating activity up  a social studies unit on biographies students will use Voki to create an avatar version of their hero.

Students will have the criteria of features from their written biographies in order to portray their hero using an avatar.

Teacher will create an avatar on the Smartboard and model the features of this cool tool.


3 Guided Practice

Free to try, Paid

Teacher will demonstrate where to locate the URL on the students's Google Classroom

Teacher will model step by step instructions on how to create an avatar using Voki


4 Independent Practice

Free to try, Paid

Students will return to their Chromebooks and click on the link for Voki


Students will create the profile and features using the facts from their biography

Students will emulate those features into the avatar for design features


5 Wrap Up

Activity: Presenting

Students will share with other students in their row.