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Vocabulary Stop Motion Videos

Students create stop motion videos to illustrate meanings of vocab words
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Students will be able to illustrate a vocabulary word's meaning through the creation of a stop motion video.

Students will be able to write sentences correctly using vocab words as they are being illustrated in the above videos.

English Language Arts
Grades 6 – 8
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1 Researching Vocab Words

Activity: Exploring

Students are assigned a vocabulary word. Students research the word's meaning, correct usage, and proper context.

Students will brainstorm 1) scenarios and situations in which this word would be used 2) scenarios and situations that would clearly illustrate the word's meaning

2 Creating Stop Motion Videos

Students use iStopMotion, Stop Motion Studios, or another stop motion app to create a short (5-10 seconds) video illustrating the vocabulary word's meaning.

Ideally, the video would not need to contain any words and could communicate the meaning purely through images.

Students import the stop motion video into iMovie to add the vocab word itself on the screen (but NOT the definition or a sentence containing the word), as well as appropriate music.

(Bonus challenge is to ask students to choose a song that somehow conveys something about the word's meaning, e.g., "I Can See Clearly Now" to accompany the word "clarify" or "Fancy" by Iggy Azalea to accompany "ostentatious".)

Students submit finished videos to Dropbox by exporting from iMovie to camera roll (medium size), then adding to a shared dropbox folder.


3 Sentence Construction

Free, Free to try, Paid

Students watch all videos. For each video, students will write a sentence that describes the action in the video and will use the vocab word in his/her sentence.

Students record their responses in Pages or Evernote. Once all sentences are composed, each video is shown to the class, and students share responses.

Students submit their responses to teacher. If there are sentences that use the word particularly well or if many of the responses misuse the word in the same way, that can be used for further discussion of the word's meaning and usage.