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Vocabulary Mastery with Quizlet

Students will master a vocabulary set from issue one of our curriculum.
Joseph M.
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Pinacate Middle School
Perris, United States
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My Grades 7
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Students will be able to... identify and use higher level, academic English words.

English Language Learning
Grades 7
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1 Introduce Vocabulary Terms

Activity: Presenting

Using the Portfolio in the English 3D curriculum, the teacher will go over the definition, examples and non-examples of the 10 words.

The teacher will then guide the students in creating their own example sentence.

Student Instructions

Using their Portfolios, students will fill out the definitions, examples, and non-examples of hte 10 academic English words. They will then create their own example sentences using the sentence frames provided.

2 Quizlet Flashcards and Learning

Teacher will show the students how to use the Learn, Flashcards, Write and Spell features on Quizlet. 


Student Instructions

Students will engage independently with the features on the Quizlet site. Once the preliminary activities are complete, they will compete for the top ten spots on the Gravity and Match games.

3 Quizlet - Live!

Teacher will guide the students through 3 rounds of Quizlet Live, which separates the students into random teams and makes them work together to answer the vocab questions faster than the other teams.

Student Instructions

Students will be assigned into random teams and will have to work together to beat the other teams in vocab recongition.