Lesson Plan

Vocabulary Acquisition

Develop proficiency in vocabulary using a variety of sources and real-world applications.
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Students will be able to clearly communicate definitions and examples of vocabulary terms in a variety of contexts.

Students will create an illustrated glossary of vocabulary terms.

Students will record a green screen video explaining key vocabulary terms.

English Language Arts
Grades 6 – 12
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1 Hook

Activity: Other — Video Discussion

Search for a video clip from a movie that uses green screen and breifly discuss how green screen technology works. Then ask students to identify any geometric terms/shapes that are present in the video (e.g. watch for examples of parallel lines or circles).

2 Direct Instruction

Present the textbook definitions of key vocabulary terms using corresponding diagrams. This can be broken up across multiple lessons.

Line segment
Opposite rays
Collinear points
Parallel lines
Perpendicular lines
Skew lines
Acute angle
Right angle
Obtuse angle
Straight angle
Complementary angles
Supplementary angles
Adjacent angles
Vertical angles

The teacher will model how to search for vocabulary using the textbook glossary and record the textbook definitions into the provided Vocabulary Glossary Template. The teacher will model the expectations for guided practice and independent practice using the first vocabulary term (point).

3 Guided Practice

With teacher circulation and supervision, students will work in pairs to look up two alternative definitions using the free iPad app MathTerms Glossary and the website Math Open Reference. Students will experiment with the interactive animations on Math Open Reference to build understanding of each vocabulary term. Then, the pairs of students will create a definition for each term in their own words by combining the essential characteristics from the previous three definitions. All definitions will be recorded in the provided Vocabulary Glossary Template.

4 Independent Practice

Each student will then select a theme for their illustrated glossary (e.g. fashion, architecture, sports, food, entertainment, etc) and find an illustration for each vocabulary term that matches both the term and the selected theme. All images must conform to the same theme. Students must then explain in writing how the image illustrates the vocabulary term.

5 Wrap-Up

Finally, students will select 5 key vocabulary terms to record and present to the class. Students will use the green screen effect in TouchCast and their thematic images from the illustrated glossary to virtually project their image behind them. Students will record themselves explaining the vocabulary as shown in each thematic image, similar to how meteorologists describe weather patterns on the news. Explanations should include the language of the definitions for that term. Recorded videos can be shown to the class and shared with the teacher for evaluation.