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Students will learn new vocabulary words and how to use graphic organizers to explain these words.
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My Grades 2, 4

Students will be able to...

Understand and explain the meaning of new vocabulary words

Use a Frayer Model graphic organizer

English Language Arts
Grades 4 – 5
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1 Hook

Free to try, Paid

Show students the video "Get Down Underground" on the Flocabulary website.  This particular video is in the free version of Flocabulary.



2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Presenting

Review the highighted vocabulary in the rap video. 

Use the tabs above the video and click on fill in the blanks.  Play the song again and have the students fill in the blanks while they listen to the video.  Complete the challenge questions after the second listen.

Introduce the Frayer Model.  Use the following websites to introduce and print out the graphic organizer.



3 Guided Practice

Activity: Presenting — http://www.adlit.org/strategies/22369/

Model a Frayer Model for the class using on of the vocabulary words in the Flocabulary video.  Explain each quadrant: the definition, facts or characteristics, examples and non-examples.

Pass out a Frayer Model graphic organizer to each student.  Place slips of paper with the vocabulary words from the song in a bag.  Have students pick words out of a bag.  Guide them through completing their Frayer Models.

Use this pdf from the Flocabulary website if needed: http://flocabulary.s3.amazonaws.com/pdfs/3-get-down-underground-exercise...

4 Independent Practice

Students should log on to Lexia Reading Core5 and work through the vocabulary portion to continue their practice of new vocabulary. 

Lexia Reading Core5 describes their philosophy on teaching and practicing vocabulary in this way,
"Vocabulary instruction must go beyond word definitions in order to affect comprehension. The vocabulary
strand in Lexia Reading Core5 is structured to teach word-learning strategies, to provide exposure to
rich and varied vocabulary words, and to allow students to develop an awareness of word relationships
and associations. These goals are systematically integrated into increasingly more complex skill activities.
Throughout the vocabulary strand, activities expose students to new words and concepts, but more
importantly, require students to think critically about words and their meanings and to apply strategies to
build their own vocabulary for unfamiliar words and concepts. These vocabulary tasks begin by developing
oral vocabulary through the association of word meanings with pictures. As students begin to develop word
identification skills, they continue to enhance their vocabulary knowledge through activities involving reading."

5 Wrap-Up

Activity: Presenting

Students will share their Frayer Models with the class. 

Students create a vocabulary word wall with the words from they used in the Frayer Models.