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Virtual Reality Gallery

Create a VR Gallery with photos you have edited
Susan H.
Classroom teacher
Danbury Middle School
Marblehead, United States
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My Grades 5, 6, 7, 8

Students will be able to...

-utilize 3 different online photo editors to create a series of photo edits as specified by the teacher

-create a virtual reality "gallery" to hang their photos

-access the gallery using VR goggles

Grades 6 – 12
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1 Hook/Attention Getter

Have you ever visited an art gallery?

Has anyone ever visited a Virtual Reality art gallery?

One of my favorite flowers is a Sunflower - there are several photos that I have taken that you will be able to work with later.

Because of this, we are going to visit a sunflower exhibition featuring the works of Vincent VanGough.

2 Direct Instruction/Independent Practice for Photo Editing

Choose 5-10 different types of edits you would like the students to try/explore.

Demonstrate how to utilize the tools required for the edits.

Provide a gallery of copyright free (pictures I have taken) images that they can use to edit (or they can use ones they have taken if appropriate)

Allow students to explore the different techniques - circulate around the room making suggestions and helping with how to utilize the different tools for the desired effect.

Provide time for the students to try to edit 5-10 pictures in each of the different editors if time allows

Student Instructions

Create 5-10 distinctly different photo edits - see preferences of the teacher.

Download/store in a folder for later use

If time allows, create edits in the different editing software because they all offer some of the same options but also some unique options.

3 Guided instruction -CoSpaces Virtual Gallery

Have a student explain what Virtual Reality is and where they may have experienced it.

  • Explore one of the galleries found in the CoSpaces lesson - compare this to the Vincent VanGough exhibition.

**Introduce the final project**

Create a Virtual Gallery that displays at least 10 of your paintings.  On a "card" next to the photo, list the name of the photo, the editing software and the edits you performed.

Extension - students may add code to have a person/camera walk through the gallery

-students may add additional props or music as time allows

  • Create CoSpacesEdu accounts for your class

(if time allows - let them have a day to experience the tutorial activity and have free play - it will raise their comfort level)

  • Demonstrate and have them perform as you go

-the use of adding a glass wall from the library

-create 2 more walls 

-connect the walls at the corner

-add another wall.  Rotate to make it the floor

-change the color of the walls and floor using the color tool

-upload desired pictures

-begin attaching pictures to the wall of the gallery using the attach feature. Resize and move as necessary.

-create and add the information cards next to the photos

-Place the camera in a position that allows the viewer to see all of the photos

Optional -

-add a fourth wall and ceiling to enclose the room

-add any desired coding and music

  • share to either a tablet or VR googles to experience the gallery

4 Wrap up

Activity: Presenting

-Allow students time to view their galleries

-Have students share the link to their galleries so that others can see their work.

- Discuss how this tool might be used for other classes

- Discuss limitations of the programs - what they liked/didn't like about each program (strength/weaknesses)

- Give ideas for further exploration