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Virtual Field Trip - San Diego Zoo

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Students will observe different animals while visiting the zoo. After observing, students will begin to group/categorize the animals based on their observations. Students will then share their groupings and give reasoning and clarification behind their logic. Finally students will practice grouping by playing a game.


Grades K – 2
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Begin the Nearpod lesson by polling the students

  • "Have you ever been to the zoo?

Have students share which zoos they have visited and whether or not they have visited the San Diego Zoo
Have students then draw their favorite animal using the nearpod drawing quiz. Share the students responses.


LINK TO NEARPOD LESSON https://s.nearpod.com/j/idybw

Finally to get them excited about the lesson. Show them the How Animals Eat YouTube video. Caution. This is a funny video, and students will be laughing loudly. Be sure to have them focus on how the animals eat food differently. This will lead them into a simple way to organize animals based on what they eat or how they eat food.


Have the students begin observing how the animals eat by viewing a live stream of the animals at the San Diego Zoo

1) Bengal Tiger
        San Diego Video Stream
2) Birds
        San Diego Video Stream/YouTube Video
3) Frogs    
        www.funbrain.com game
4) Elephants
        San Diego Video Stream
5) Whales
        Youtube Video




Activity: Assessing

After students observe and investigate all the animals they will need to then practice organizing and grouping. As a teacher led group, students will organize animals together

1ST row - Animals that have superhero Doppelgangers
2ND row - Animals all have wings/feathers/beaks...
3RD row - Animals all have spots

The next slide contains a group of animals that the students will need to organize by themselves. Using the drawing quiz, have students color code the animals and, while sharing the images with the class, have the class try and figure out the logic behind the grouping


Have students play the game classify it. This is a great app and a great way for students to practice grouping animals.

If you have time the final slide of the field trip is a 360 view of a zoo gift shop. students can spend a few min looking at all the awesome stuff