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View of Life

Connecting book to real life
Jamey B.
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My Grades 12
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Students will be able to understand the setting of a novel.

Students will be able to write a compare / contrast paragraph between the author's view and the photos provided on Google View.

English Language Arts
Grades 7 – 12
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1 Sketch out Setting

Activity: Drawing

At the appropriate section of a novel, have students sketch the setting they see in their mind as they read. 

If needed have students label important aspects that are not easy to draw, like temperature or time of day.

2 Google the View

Using information from the novel use Google View (Maps) to explore the setting in real time.  As students explore the photos or view they should take notes of what they find.  The notes can be on the sketch they have drawn or a new piece of paper.

3 Compare and Contrast

Activity: Other — Writing

After taking notes and discussing the similarities and differences between their sketch and the photos they found on Google View students will write a compare / contrast assignment.  The students should focus on physical attributes, tone or voice created in the book versus what they saw, and how well the author described the setting.