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Verbalize to Internalize, use all modalities to engage and assess.

Students will read, write, listen, create and discuss a plan to solve a problem
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Students will be able to...

1) Solve a real world application by calculating volume.

2) Discuss the reasonableness of their own calculations and those of the class.

Grades 6 – 11
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1 Preperation

Teacher will create an assignment with rubric, objectives, requirements, and URL with a link to copy a Google doc.

Teacher will also need to randomly or strategically assign geometric shapes to small teams. with all shapes put together the predetermined volume needs to be calculated.

Student Instructions

Student will access the assignment.

2 Hook

Free, Paid

Teacher will post a URL of a clip: construction a skate park. 

Student Instructions

Student will view clip and in small teams select the geometric shape to measure.

3 Direct Instruction

Google Drive
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Free, Free to try, Paid

Via Google drive, create a doc that contains the directions to the lesson. Student are to calculate the volume of a given geometric figure. If all calculations are correct, added up, all figures together should equal a predetermined volume.

Calculating volume should have previous been taught. This activity is practice and application.

Students may use Padlet to ask, or answer each others questions during the class time or after. Teacher may also choose to participate. Padlet is a back channel for students to help each other or seek assistance.

Student Instructions

Students may use Padlet to pose or answer a question or comment that is posted. 

4 Independent Practice

Teacher will video capture students working in small groups.

Teacher can capture work of students to show parents or whole class.

Teacher can also blog about the lesson.

5 Wrap-Up

Student will submit their finished calculations using a note taking app like notability or explain everything. They can choose to voice record or just submit the file as is. 

Student Instructions

Students will submit calculations to Google Classroom using the share option from notability or Explain Everything