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Vectors and Scalars! Oh My!

Provide a real time example demonstrating the difference between vector and scalar quantities.
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My Grades 9
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Students will be able to...understand the concepts of scalar and vector quantities as they relate to distance/displacement and speed/velocity and provide real life examples of each.

Grades 9
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1 Vectors and Scalars! Oh My!

After introductory lecture, I will have students watch the video and demonstrate their knowledge by posting and responding on a padlet.

Student Instructions

1. Watch the video. Take notes:

    Definitions of Vectors and Scalars

    Classify each as either vector or scalar:

          distance, displacement, speed, velocity

2. Login the the discussion board using the password: VectorsScalars.

3. Post your own real life example of how a measurement can be vector or scalar.

4. Read and reply to at least 2 other posts (compliment strong points, build on ideas expressed, ask questions and/or respectfully disagree).