Lesson Plan

Variables and expressions

Students learn about algebraic and verbal expressions

After being given a list of phrases, the students will correctly match 80% of the phrases to their equivalent algebraic symbol.

Given a list of algebraic expressions, students will correctly rewrite 8 out of 10 expressions as a word problem, or verbal expression.

Grades 8 – 10
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Teacher Notes
Student Notes

1 Clarifying goals

Activity: Presenting

Go over vocabulary that will be learned this lesson

Explain the difference between verbal expressions and algebraic expressions

2 Presenting Organizer

Activity: Presenting

A chart will be presented that shows algebraic operations and their verbal equivalencies


3 Present Learning materials

Activity: Presenting

Vocabulary will be defined

Explain how to determine what information is necessary to extract from verbal expression to form algebraic expression

Show how each algebraic symbol can be rewritten as words

4 Assessment

Activity: Assessing

Teacher will hand out worksheets

Student Instructions

 Students will split up into groups and do a worksheet together consisting of writing algebraic expressions as verbal expressions and vice-versa