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Using the Online Catalog to Find Books

Essential Understanding: The online catalog can be used in a variety of ways to locate resources.
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Students will be able to use online catalog independently to locate specific books, get classification numbers, and browse the shelves. Students will be able to conduct short research projects to answer a question, drawing on several sources and refocusing the inquiry when appropriate.

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1 Hook & Direct Instruction


Before class, students will have been given a research project topic.

"You will all be looking for books today about your topic using the online catalog. What information do you need to find a book? "

Students write down the answers in their notebooks and share out.Explain that students will use the catalog to find titles of books they want to use for their projects. The librarian will use their list to put together a book cart for class use.

Student Instructions

Students will write down the information they need to complete their projects in their notebooks (Before the class begins)

Show students how to get to the library catalog – have them follow along on laptops.  Students can create step by stepm instruction on the Popplet app.

2 Guided & Differentiation

So now you will use your new skills to find books using the online catalog and record results in your Assessment thinking map. You will have a chance to create your own digital representations of catalog searching

Student Instructions

Show students how to get to the Power Search tab

Refer to NYS IFC Assessment 6.1: Online Catalog and go through the different ways to find books:


Subject – Show students how to find subjects through searching by keyword

  • Students will be working in pairs
  • Students will be using technology

Students who excel at keyword and subject searching will be introduced to searching by call number. Students that finish before other will create Popplet to explain subject searching and use of keyword.

3 Closing and Sharing Out

Activity: Conversing

So now we better understand how to use the library to help us find books. Let's share out and see if anyone has discovered a different or better way to find titles.

Student Instructions
  • Students will share how many titles they found for the class cart
  • Students will reflect on their work by sharing search tips with the class.
  • CT: Create a list on the board of student tips.

Students will turn in their work to the librarian. The librarian will deliver a cart of books to the classroom by the end of the week.