Lesson Plan

Using Plickers for Contructed Response

Students work in groups to analyze a text, write the answer to the question, and then answer using plickers
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Students will be able to...

Evaluate the responses of others

Analyze a piece of literature

Analyze the responses of peers

English Language Arts
Grades 4 – 12
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1 Set-Up

Select a text

Create questions that students can answer on sentence strips. EXAMPLE: for a news article, create open ended questions regarding the use of supports. "The author most likely use the quotation in paragraph 2 in order to -" For poetry, "The poet most likely divided the poem into two stanzas in order to-"

A list of marker verbs may be helpful

Set up Plickers in class

In Plickers, create a question with all blank answers. Assign it as many times as you have questions.

2 After reading

1.  Upload first question  to plicker. 

2. Students work in groups to answer questions on sentence strips.

3. Student post strips on board. Each strip will be an answer option next to the blank A, B, C or D. (In the event of more than 4 groups in a class, you can make the selection go on two rounds, taking the number 1 option from round 1 and pairing it with the other options.)

3 Students select best answer

1. Make sure the bar graph view is not on

2. Students use plicker cards  to vote on which answer option is the strongest

3.  Once all students have voted, reveal bar graph.

4. Students discuss why they felt the strongest answer was the strongest in small group.

5. Class discussion. Teacher can clarify any misconceptions.