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Using Padlet to introduce and develop understanding of a rubric

This lesson will help students discern what they know and understand about a writing rubric that is used for the PARCC exam.
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Students will be able to... develop an understanding of a writing rubric and the components and requirements of each part so they will be able to begin to compose successful and strong examples of writing. 

English Language Arts
Grades 5 – 12
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1 Using Padlet to establish writing expectations and criteria.

Create a Padlet in which you pose the question, "What do you notice about the standard writing rubric for prose constructed response items?"

Set your Padlet up to be in stream form. Allow students to browse the rubric. For the best reflection of this question, I would use a very large rubric that is visible to the whole group at once. Since you are introducing the rubric, it is new for everyone and should be a focal point. You can achieve this either through a school poster machine or through displaying through the projector of your computer-assisted device. Allow students to browse and ponder. Connect them to the Padlet and allow them to answer. As you see answers, use them to guide your teaching. For example, one that is likely to be repeated is that you can score up to 4 points. Use that to then direct the conversation to the fact that there are criteria for four points as well as the fact that you CAN earn zero points. Encourage discussion about the criteria of each. You'll notice that several things are repeated, and you should use that as a teaching point. "Since these things are repeated, it must mean that they are important." You will also see what is not important or, perhaps, noticed in the eyes of the student and can direct attention to these items. 

After you have directed your conversation as appropriate for your group and learners, have them go back and edit their Padlet to contain this response: The most important thing I learned about the PARCC Rubric for Prose Constructed Response is... 

This format allows the learner to create knowledge, allows the teaching you do to be concise and on an as-needed basis, and sets a foundation for the criteria and expectations of a rubric. As an added benefit, you can save the Padlet for long-term use and reference. 

Student Instructions

If you are using Padlet with your students for the first time, you will need to instruct your students about HOW to use it and how to edit an existing post. Take the time to teach your students the proper steps and procedures as it will contribute to a nice and tight lesson flow if they understand the tool. Otherwise, you'll be distracted with technical questions which will reduce the impact of your lesson.