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Teacher-Created Lesson Plan

Using Instagram for Narrative Writing

How could you use social media to produce narrative writing in class?
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Students will be able to...

  • Utilize elements of a narrative writing
  • Interact with various types of narratives
  • Use Instagram to compose a short narrative writing piece

Lesson by Jackie Patanio and Christine Goffredo

English Language Arts
Grades 9 – 12
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1 Why & How do we use Social Media?

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Make sure you have a public Padlet set up and ready to share with your students.

Teacher poses the question to students: Why and How do we use Social Media?

This is to promote conversation around the methods they currently use and how they use them in their lives.

Student Instructions

Students respond to the questions: Why and How do we use Social Media? 

They go to Padlet that the teacher has set up to respond to the questions.

Make sure students include their names as the TITLE part of their response.

2 Memoirs: Narrative Writing Elements Review.

Teachers have students take this short quiz reviewing memoir and autobiographies.

Student Instructions

Students take this short quiz reviewing memoir and autobiographies.

3 Read Instagram Narratives

Make sure the students have the app downloaded or are able to get on the online platform.

They will be looking through Caroline Calloway and Neil Shea's Instagram accounts to see how they are writing, why they are writing, and what are they writing? 

The idea is students can write short with images on platforms to have their stories told and heard.

Students should tag the teacher's Instagram account and write a response to the writing and the image.

Student Instructions

Students should have the Instagram App downloaded or use the desk top version.

Consider these questions as you are browsing these accounts:

  • What are they writing?
  •  How are they writing,?
  • Why they are writing,

Go to Caroline Calloway's account and scan through at least 4 of her posts.

Go to Neil Shea's account and scan through at least 4 of his posts.

Choose to write a response to one of their posts and tag @____________ (your teacher's Instagram account)


4 Instagram Writing and Feedback

Teacher guides students into taking their 1st Instagram:

​-Image of their choice

-Telling a narrative of the image based on the lesson

-Remind students that they should have a focus for their Instagram writing (are you instagraming to tell a story?)

Student reflection piece: Feedback Carousel students pair up to assess their partners Instagram post (image and writing) to improve on the work they will be doing  throughout the year.

Student Instructions

What is the story you are telling? What do you want the focus of your Instagram account to be?

Refelction: students partner up and use the Feedback Carousel sheet on Google Docs.

-Look at your partners work and write your feedback for them in the 4 quadrants on the Google Doc assigned to you.


5 Closing

Activity: Exploring

Same as student:

Explore Instagram and reflect on what your partner shared on the feedback sheet.

Extension activity/Homework: Find a cause  example #Girlswhocode or # rockthevote and post about it with your own opinions or experiences.