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Teacher-Created Lesson Plan

Using Google Classroom To Provide Constructive Critisism

Student will learn about constructive criticism and how to provide peer feedback.
Elisabeth S.
Technology coordinator
Eastern Greene Elementary School
Bloomfield, United States
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My Subjects Science, Social Studies

Students will be able to...

1) Understand constructive criticism

2) Review methods of providing constructive criticism

3) Practice providing peer feedback

English Language Arts
Grades 4 – 6
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1 Hook: Want to be the teacher?

Teacher should offer the students the opportunity to be the teacher on an assignment in Google Classroom.

Student Instructions

Student will get the opportunity to provide feedback to their peers on an assignment and grade it.

2 Review These Materials: Do you know what constructive Criticism is?

Students should take some time to review the resources provided. They must understand:

1) What the definition of constructive criticism is

2) Ways that one can provide feedback and it be effective

Student Instructions

Students need to be able to:

1) Define Constructive Criticism

2) Provide examples of constructive criticism

3) Be able to identify steps to provide constructive criticism

3 Guided Practice: Providing Your Peer Feedback

Activity: Assessing

Teacher should choose an assignment in Google Classroom that they want students to peer review. Instruct student they are to use the commenting feature of Google Classroom to provide meaningful constructive criticism to an assigned peer or group.

Student Instructions

Students will:

1) Be assigned a partner or group that they are to review

2) Using the comment feature in the assignment of the teacher's choosing, provide peer feedback thinking of the resources they you have reviewed.