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Using Evidence to Support Opinions

Our opinions about books must be supported by details taken directly from the text.
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Students will be able to form an opinion about a book based on details from that book. Students will form opinion and uses evidence from text to back it up. 

English Language Arts
Grades 5
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1 Mini Lesson

Activity: Exploring

What makes an opinion valid and worth considering?  Whose opinions do you value?  Why?  Whose opinions do you question?  Why?   

Work with students to define:  opinion, personal reason, fact and detail

Explain:  “After selecting and reading a nonfiction picture book of your choice, you will be asked to state your opinion of that book and to support your opinion with facts and details from that book.  Let’s do one together.”

Student Instructions

Students will be able to listen and respond to teacher directed questions.

2 Guided/ Independent / Share

Activity: Investigating

Read aloud:  The Bravest Woman in America by Marissa Moss .Model  Supporting Your Opinion About a Nonfiction Book .Elicit and explain thinking while modeling.Elicit student responses from Independent Practice and discuss.Elicit how each of the details support each of the personal reasons and how both the personal reasons and facts/details support the student’s opinion of the book.

Student Instructions

If book is paginated, ask students to provide page numbers for supporting details.Each student selects an additional nonfiction picture book from a selection provided by the librarian.Students read their picture book.Students complete the assessment.Allow students to work in heterogeneous pairs or groups.Model activity several more times for students in need of additional support.Provide books at various reading levels.

3 Extension

Collaborate with classroom teacher to design a lesson on using linking words, phrases & clauses to connect opinions with reasons and details from a nonfiction book.

Student Instructions

Students can create digital notebook to hold information.