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Using Evidence to Intrepret Text

Conclusions must be backed up by supporting evidence.
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Students will be able to interpret evidence and draw conclusions. Students will be able to present conclusions and supporting facts in a variety of ways.

Social Studies
Grades 6
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1 Mini Lesson

Activity: Assessing

Good Readers read not just the words but pictures too.Illustrations help readers gain a deeper understanding. Discuss history of Political Cartoons-Thomas Nash. Good readers infer meaning using background knowledge and critical thinking to infer meaning.

Student Instructions

Students will turn and talk of how cartoonists use the techniques of symbolism, exaggerations, irony, analogy and labeling to convey a message.

2 Guided/ Independent / Share

Activity: Conversing

Gather 2-3 political cartoons that the students have prior knowledge of.

Discuss each one individually- How does the artist use the techniques discussed in the mini lesson to get their point of view across to the reader?Model  using one of the cartoons .Discuss: What is the claim that the author is trying to make?Reinforce that items may be drawn as a symbol to represent an issue and that cartoonists may draw things that are not to scale in order to exaggerate the issue. Put a new political cartoon up on the smart board that the students have enough background knowledge about to make a claim and an inference.  Have them critically look at the cartoon and complete assessment.

Student Instructions

Students can turn and talk:

Using the evidence and prior knowledge, how do you interpret what the cartoon?Students work in groups to evaluate the cartoon.

Have students share out

  • their claim
  • their evidence
  • the inference


  • Does the class share the same claim?
  • Did the class identify the identical evidence?

Did the class make similar inference?

3 Extension

You will have a chance to make a digital cartoon using one of the tools we have previously used.

Student Instructions

Have student draw or find in a newspaper a political cartoon incorporating a unit in SS that they have learned and use the techniques of symbolism, exaggerations, irony, analogy and labeling to convey a message.