Lesson Plan

Using ChatterPix to Review Wordly Wise Vocabulary

Students will use the ChatterPix app to give their own definition of vocabulary words from Wordly Wise that they learned.
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Students will be able to use the ChatterPix app to give their own definition of vocabulary words from Wordly Wise that they learned. Students will be able to search for a picture on the internet that symbolizes the word they are describing. Students will be able to save a picture from the internet to the camera roll to use in ChatterPix. Students will be able to record their own definition of vocabulary words in ChatterPix.

English Language Arts
Grades K – 5
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1 Hook/Attention Getter

The teacher demonstrates the ChatterPix app. The students are shown how to take a picture of themselves. Then the teacher shows the students how to draw a mouth on the picture and how to record something. There are choices to add different stickers, borders, etc to their pictures and this is demonstrated for the students. The teacher shows the students how to replay their ChatterPix and save it to the camera roll. 

Student Instructions

The students are given time to explore the ChatterPix app with guided instruction from the teacher. 

2 Direct Instruction

Teacher demonstrates for students how to find the Google search engine on their iPads. The teacher types in one of the Wordly Wise vocabulary words that the students have learned. The students are shown where to click for images. The teacher demonstrates for the students how to save the images once they have decided which image they want. The teacher opens up the ChatterPix app and shows how to import a picture from the camera roll. The steps are reviewed for how to add the mouth and record the definition. The students are given instruction not to add any stickers, borders, etc. The students are shown how to save the image to the camera roll.  

3 Guided Practice

The teacher demonstrates with the students step-by-step how to search for a new word in Google and save the picture to the camera roll. The students work with the teacher to add the use the picture they selected in ChatterPix, draw the mouth, record the definition and save the image to the camera roll. 

Student Instructions

The students follow step-by-step instructions searching for a word in Google, saving the image to the camera roll, and creating the ChatterPix. 

4 Independent Practice

The teacher pairs the students up in partners to complete a ChatterPix together. The partner pairs are then given a vocabulary word to use. The teacher circulates around the classroom helping as needed. 

Student Instructions

The students work together with their partner to create a ChatterPix with the vocabulary word given to them by their teacher.

5 Wrap-Up

The teacher informs the students that they will be creating ChatterPix with other Worldy Wise words in the future. The teacher then takes the different ChatterPix images and creates QR codes for each word. These QR codes are posted in the classroom for future use. 

Student Instructions

The students share their ChatterPix images with each other in partners. They switch partners a couple of times so they see a few different words.