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With the use of Thinking Maps and Google Slides, students have greater access to grade level content and support with comprehension
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Student will define what a memory is.

Students will explain associations between characters.

Students will explain the causes and effects of various points in the story.


English Language Arts
Grades K – 5
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1 Hool/Attention Getter

Activity: Other — Circle, Multi-Flow, and Two Bridge Maps assigned to each student. The book Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge by Mem Fox

Do a brainstorming activity asking students what they know about memories.  Circle Map

Next, do a picture walk of the book.

Student Instructions

Students write what they know about memories on their circle maps.

Students follow along and raising their hands and telling what they notice about the old people in the book.  

2 Direct Instruction

Read a few pages of text and then stop for processing the information using student input.  

After reading about the discussion that Wilfred's parents have about Miss Nancy losing her memory, have the students complete the partial Multi-Flow Map and ask students to tell you the reason why Wilfred wanted to know about memories.  Afterwards, have students "read" off the map using words like "because" and "so".  

Student Instructions

Students follow along and add the information into their Multi-Flow chart.  

Students talk off their maps using sentences stems such as "because" and "so". 


3 Guided Practice

As you read about each character in the old folks' home, have students record what each is associated with on the Bridge Map.  Then have students "read" off the map...."So and So is associated with..."  

Student Instructions

Students record their associations on the Bridge Map.

Students read off the map. "Mrs Jordan is associated with..." and so on.

4 Independent Practice

As you continue to read the story have students record on a new Bridge Map Wilfred's interview with each of the old people and what their definition of a memory is.  Use the relating factor:  said a memory is

Student Instructions

While you are reading students will complete the Bridge Map with the relating factor: said a memory is

After the Bridge map is complete have students read off the map with the relating factor.  

5 Wrap Up

Go over with students what they have learned about the characters so far.  Have them review each of their maps and add so what and so why statements to each.  

Student Instructions

Students review the Multi-Flow Map, and both Bridge Maps and add so what and so why statements to each.