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U.S. Symbols

Identify U.S. symbols and their significance
Jennifer H.
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Students will be able to...identify U.S. symbols and explain why they are important.  

Social Studies
Grades Pre-K – 1
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1 The Hook

Activity: Reading
  • Read the book, O Say Can You See?  America's Symbols, Landmarks, and Inspiring Words, by Shelia Keenan.
  • If time is a factor, then skip over pages and read sections about the most common symbols as needed.

2 Direct Instruction


  • Have students name some symbols they know and ask why they think they are important.
  • On the Brain Pop Jr. site, click on Social Studies.
  • Find the section on Citizenship and click on the movie U.S. Symbols.
  • Tell students that they will learn about important U.S. symbols. 
  • Click the Word Wall to review vocabulary before watching the movie.
  • Play the movie for students.  
  • As a class, take the quiz to see what was learned from watching the movie.
Student Instructions
  • Students will watch the Brain Pop movie about U.S. Symbols.
  • They will answer questions about the movie by taking a quiz as a class.  

3 Independent Practice

  • Students will be given time to choose one or more different things that they can complete on their own related to U.S. symbols.  
  • They can click on each activity found on the same screen as the movie. 
  1. game
  2. activity
  3. draw about it 
  4. write about it
Student Instructions
  • Students will click on one or more of the related activities after watching the movie.
  • They can work on activities using the computer and print out their work if they did one of the drawing or writing activities.  

4 Wrap-up

Activity: Assessing
  • Ask students to vote for their favorite U.S. symbol.
  • Write the names of each symbol on the board and have students to draw tally marks for their vote.
  • Have students work together in groups to create a class graph on paper showing the results.  
Student Instructions
  • Students will vote for their favorite U.S. symbol by putting a tally mark on the board.  
  • They will work together in groups to create a graph to display the class results.
  • One group will create a bar graph, another group will create a pictograph.
  • Students will label the parts of the graph.
  • Each group will share their graph with the teacher/class, and then display in the room or hall.