Lesson Plan

United States Presidents

Cognitive learning through repetition

Students will be able to learn about all the presidents of the United States in a fun and very interactive way

Social Studies
historical figures
Grades 4 – 5
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1 The Hook

Activity: Other — Watch You Tube video

Make sure to test internet connection or pre-load video before class.
Below is the URL for the video. It will be a definite hook to the aura of the presidency of the United States.


Student Instructions

Pay attention

2 Direct Instruction - Using the Presidents App - Draw Free App

Activity: Exploring

First of all students will be taken on a mental journey together with the teacher. This can be done with the students in the beginning. You can do a few with them by connecting your Ipad device to a smart board or any projector. Once you have been able to get them to understand the concept. You let them go to the Presidents App and go to the practice option and let them practice on their own. 

Also create a Draw Free App (Available on Itunes for Ipad) lesson to provide an extra instruction to any struggling students so they can learn at their own pace

Student Instructions

Students are to pay attention and be involved in the activities 

3 Guided Practice - Presidents App

Activity: Exploring

You can go around and assist any struggling students or answer any questions the students might have.

4 Independent Practice

Activity: Assessing

At this point lead students to start the main activity and go around to assist any students who may be having difficulty. 

The main activity involves leading students to play the main game that shows images of presidents and asks students to select from options presidents names.


5 Wrap up - Presidents App - Conclusion

Activity: Other — Conclusion

Thank students for paying attention. Allow them to continue to use app till time runs out. Prepare and give a follow-up assignment to be taken home.