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Understanding Your Digital Footprint

Students will begin to understand the long-term effects of online choices
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My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Arts

Students will

  • understand that connectivity leaves a digital footprint 
  • demonstrate and discuss their digital footprint
  • recognize the elements of their digital footprints they have created vs what others may have created about or for them
Health & Wellness
Grades 6 – 8
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1 How are you connected?

Activity: Conversing

Pair students

Define connected activities - Any activities in which students participate that involve an Internet connection - on a computer, phone, tablet, "smart" tv, game system, or other device that stream or share content. These may be done individually or with others.

Teacher may share some of his or her favorite connected activities - Netflix, Candy Crush, Twitter, etc.

Give time for discussion

After short discussion, quick popcorn share of favorites. Include all students. Note repeats.

Student Instructions

Turn to your partner and share as many connected activities you can think of in which you participate. 

2 What is a digital footprint?

3 Illustrate your digital footprint

Students will illustrate their digital footprint using Google Draw. If using Google Classroom or Hapara, you can distribute a template document with a footprint, otherwise students can create their own.

If students aren't familiar with Google Draw, share the attached video or demonstrate.

Alternative: This could be done on paper.

Student Instructions

Launch the Digital Footprint Google Draw template

Using Google Draw, add all of the connected activities that you mentioned to your partner. Think of ALL the activities you enjoy while online, whether on a computer, a gaming system, a “smart” TV, a phone, or a tablet.

Once you have the basic info entered, see what you can do to make it awesome!

4 Expanding on your footprint

Students will illustrate the impact of other behaviors on their footprint.

Student Instructions

Now that you have illustrated your digital footprint based on the tools, apps, devices, and services you use. Most of you were able to fit these into the footprint itself.

Now think about your broader footprint - where your personal footprint might overlap with others or be beyond your control.

Consider the many places where your face or information might appear:

  • Athletic teams and events
  • Recreational and extracurricular activities
  • Images/videos of you shared by others
  • Religious or cultural events and organizations
  • Formal or informal family and social events

Add any places where your face or name might have been shared or reshared electronically using the text box tool. Do this on the outside of your footprint.

5 What does your footprint say about you?

Activity: Conversing

See discussion questions. May be done with partner, in small group, or as a class.

Student Instructions

What do you think others see when they see your footprint online?

What does your footprint say about you?

Does this represent who you really are f2f?

What does Google know about you?

How can you keep your personal data personal?