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Teacher-Created Lesson Plan

Understanding the Preamble

Although many students know about the Preamble, very few know what it really means.
Shawna M.
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Boiling Springs 9th Grade Camp
Boiling Springs, United States
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Students will be able to...

Discuss the 6 purposes of the Constitution discussed in the Preamble.

Social Studies
Grades 9
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1 Hook

Activity: Other — Group Activity

The teacher will print out the Preamble, then cut up the Preamble in 5-6 pieces and place it in a envelope. Their should be 5-6 sets based on the class size. Then students should be put into groups of 4-5. Students are to put the Preamble in order as it is found in the Constitution.

2 Guided Practice

Students will go to the National Archives site and look at the Preamble. Then they will use the dictionary to help them understand the 5 purposes of the Constitution. They will need record the purposes in Notability

3 Direct Instruction

Activity: Presenting

The teacher will ask, " does anyone know where this quote originated?" Then the teacher will tell students that it is a part of the Constitution. The teacher will then tell students that the Preamble is the opening of the Constitution: it describes the purposes of the Constitution.  

4 Group Assignment

Students will use one of the following apps above to create a modern preamble that everyone can understand.  Students must include 5 purposes of the preamble in their own words.

5 Wrap Up

Students will present their projects to the class as a review. Students will judge which project best adds a modern twist to the Preamble.