Lesson Plan

Understanding the Basics of Banking and Checking Accounts

This lesson introduces students to the basics of banking.
Robin R.
Classroom teacher
Republic High School
Republic, United States
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My Grades 9, 10, 11, 12
My Subjects Math, Social Studies

Students will be able to...

  • demonstrate fluency with the vocabulary of banking/depository institutions
  • explore checking accounts
  • explore savings accounts
  • use the decision making process with choosing an account
Social Studies
Grades 10 – 12
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1 Hook--Where do you keep your money?

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Use Socrative.com to post the question:  "Where do you keep your money?" You can use a Quick Question or put this into an Open Question Quiz.

Once students have answered the question. Show the answers to the class. Lead a discussion based on student answers.

Tell students you are going to help them understand banking and the banking services available to them.

Student Instructions

Students will log into the computer and use your Socrative Classsroom number to log into Socrative. 

Students will answer the question and participate in the discussion of the answer.

2 Direct Instruction--Nearpod Depository Institutions

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In your Nearpod account add Checking Out Depository Institutions to your library. Once added you can share this presentation with your class either as a live session or homework session. 

I prefer live session so I put the session number on the screen for all students to see. 


I like to join the class on my teacher pc, but control the presentation on my Chromebook. This allows me to control whether student responses are shown and lets me show video portions of the presentation using my teacher pc.

Using the Nearpod presentation, students will stay actively engaged throughout direct instruction. There are several activities for students to complete and you can download their responses to have record of understanding. Formative assessment is built-in to this presentation.

Students logged into the presentation will see each slide on their computers.

Student Instructions

Students will log into the presentation using the code given by Nearpod. Be sure to have students give their real name if you want to record scores or check for each student's level of understanding.

Throughout the presentation students will respond to questions, explore websites, draw or post pictures. or watch videos.

Nearpod is designed for student engagement and it is easy to see who is not participating or check the level of understanding.

3 Guided Practice/Independent Practice--Exploring Bankrate.com

Using Bankrate.com have students explore various checking, savings, and CD accounts.

Use a simple spreadsheet with a table that has students record the Bank, account type, interest rate, fees, and minimum starting balance. Complete one or two lines with students making sure they are comfortable using the website.

Explain to students that is is important to shop around for banking services.

Student Instructions

Students will use Bankrate.com to complete research on various banks and bank accounts.


4 Wrap-up--3-2-1 Strategy

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Have a quiz ready for students as they finish the banking worksheet that asks three questions separately.

What are three things you learned today?

What are two things you already knew or two things you found interesting?

What question do you still have?

Download the report and review before the next class. 

Address any questions and/or have a discussion based on the Socrative 3-2-1 questions.

Student Instructions

Students will log into Socrative and answer the three questions before leaving class.