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Understanding our Personal Values

This lesson will help students understand how their personal values are related to leadership situations and explore how values impact behavior in a group and as a leader.
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Students will be able to...

understand how their personal values are related to leadership situations.

understand the role of personal values in decision making.

explore how values impact behavior in a group and as a leader. 


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Grades 9 – 12
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1 Attention Getter

Activity: Conversing

To introduce the topic of values, begin a brief discussion by asking:

What in life is important to you?

How do you know when something is important to you - that you value it? 

When you say one thing, but do another, what does that tell people about your values?



Student Instructions

Hold a classroom discussion using prompts. 

2 Direct Instruction

Create a google form titled Value Statements. Create questions with checkbox format. Format for questions should be Value Statement #1-#28 with checkbox responses of Not Important, Sometimes Important, and Important. Have students use their devices to respond to each value statement through the form. 



Student Instructions

Tell students that you are going to read a value statement and they are to select not important, sometimes important, or important on the form based on their own personal values. 

3 Independent Practice

Teacher reads the following value statements while the students answer using the google form.


1. Being happy with who I am

2. Having a family of my own

3. having lots of money

4. having freedom to do what i want to do

5. being good at my job

6. having at least one close friend

7. choosing a career that interests me

8. becoming famous

9. going to college

10. being a leader

11. having lots of friends

12. being happy with my job or career

13. knowing others believe in me

14. being good at sports

15. having my own car

16. being able to make a difference

17. choosing a career that pays well

18. choosing a career that serves others

19. being recognized for what i know

20. being a role model for others

21. being religious or spiritual

22. getting good grades

23. having good health

24. believing in myself

25. serving in the military

26. being popular and well liked

27. being able to reach goals i have set

28. being able to continue despite difficulties


Student Instructions

Students respond to the value statements through the google form. 

4 Wrap Up

Use the results page of the google form to compare how students answered the value statements. Use these responses as a point of discussion. Compare the data. 

Ask students the following questions to reflect on the experience. These could also be created as a written reflection assignment on google docs. 

For which statements was it easy to decide where to stand? Which statements were more difficult? Why?

Were you surprised at how others ranked some of the values? Why or why not?

what do you do when your values differ from your friends' values? 

have you ever disregarded someone else's values when making a decision? What did you do? What was his or her reaction?


Student Instructions

In a google document, students respond to the following questions:


How did your ranking of values in this activity support being an effective leader? Explain.

As a leader, how can you balance the values of all the members of your group?