Lesson Plan

Understanding Gravity

Basic Forces
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Students will be able to:

  • Understand the concept of gravity
  • Understand basic forces: weight, drag, thrust, lift
Grades 5
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1 Pre-assessment

Prompt Question via Google Classroom (ask question, students can or cannot see results: your choice ) or via Socrative (short answer anonymous, unlimited): What happens when you throw a ball?

Quick discussion about the answer (orally)

Inquiry Prompt: Game (Forces of Flight)

Teacher can see students' results.

Student Instructions

Students answer the question either on Google classroom or on Socrative.

Students discuss with the teacher about the answers.

Students go to the Game on "Forces of Flight" and send their results through their BrainPOP account to their teacher.


2 Understanding Gravity

Go down to the video on Gravity (pausing and cc). Teachers to verify understanding using questions or rephrasing with students.

Scaffolding: If any ESL students, consider using the Word Wall on the topic for vocabulary building.

Easy Quiz & Hard Quiz

Student Instructions

Students discuss when the teacher pauses.

Captions helps ESL students better understand the content of the video.

Students choose to answer the simple or hard quiz or start with the simple quiz and continue with the hard quiz.

3 Assessment and Extending Learning

Assignment: Make-a-Map

Extend learning: Make a roller coaster model (integrate with your Makerspace) and/or Integrate virtual reality  bu using Roller Coaster App (this could have been an icebreaker in the begining of the lesson).

Student Instructions

Students make their mind map on BrainPOP and send to their teacher using their login.

Students use cardboard, recycled material and possibly a sphero robot to create a rollercoaster or another model that can help understand the forces and showcase their understanding.

Alternatively, students could use the Roller Coaster VR app on smartphone to experience forces.