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Understanding Character Traits

This App flow will help students understand character traits
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Virginia SOL 6.5a:

Students will understand that character traits are revealed by:

  • what a character says;
  • what a character thinks;
  • what a character does; and
  • how other characters respond to the character


Students will compare and contrast two or more characters, settings, or events in a story or drama, drawing on specific details in the text (e.g., how characters interact).

English Language Arts
Grades 5 – 6
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1 Teacher Preparation

Teacher should make sure that they fully understand the components required by the standards.  LearnZillion has an example lesson to watch, Better Lesson has a number of lesson plans to look at. 

The teacher should also prepare a think-aloud using a passage in a book.  This App Flow will use the conversation between Deza Malone and Bud Caldwell in Chapter 8 of the book Bud Not Buddy, but other books will do as well.

2 Hook

Activity: Conversing

Present students with a picture of the principal or another teacher they are familiar with.  Ask students to describe the describe the person's character including things that they know becuase of what the person has said in the past, things the person has done, and how others respond to the person.  Remind students to give evidence for their descriptions.

3 Direct Instruction

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Read the interaction in chapter 8 between Bud and Deza Malone.  Project the note prepared in the LightSail app. Think aloud about Deza Malone's character.  Discuss things she says and does and Bud's reaction to her.  Use these details to make inferences about her character.

4 Guided practice

Activity: Creating

Use the evidence in your think aloud to guided the class in completing a character graphic organizer or charater foldable about Deza Malone

5 Independent practice

Using what they have learned about Bud from reading the text, students should create a character trading card for Bud.  This activity can be done in pairs.

6 Wrap-up

Using the information from the character foldable on Deza Malone and the character trading card for Bud, students should compare and contrast the two characters.  Remind students to thinkabout the character's family, beleifs, experiences and personality traits as they complete this task.