Lesson Plan

Uncovering a Great Paragraph

Students will find evidence and create a fantastic paragraph.
Bobbi G.
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Santa Fe South High School
Oklahoma City, United States
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My Grades 9, 10, 11, 12
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Students will be able to...

  • use a variety of prewriting strategies.
  • Structure ideas and arguments in a sustained and persuasive way and support them with precise and relevant examples.
  • clarify and defend positions with precise and relevant evidence, including facts, expert opinions, quotations, expressions of commonly accepted beliefs, and logical reasoning.
English Language Arts
Grades 9 – 12
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1 Hook

Post a picture of a mystery comic in your Google Classroom. You can find several examples online or even in the comic section of a newspaper. Slylock Fox comics are great for this.  Give your students time to study the comic (make sure they can't see the answer), then have them type their thoughts in a Google Document for a few minutes before they discuss the comic with anyone else. 

2 Guided Instruction

Create a graphic organizer in Google Draw for your students to write down their evidence and the reasons why they have selected their evidence. Students will be trying to figure out the answer to the comic mystery question that they examined during the hook. It is a good idea to allow partners or groups for this step. 

3 Independent Practice

Google Drive
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Once students have all of their evidence gathered, they will use the evidence to write a paragraph that gives their conclusion to the question provided in the hook. They will use their evidence and reasoning to support their conclusion.

4 Wrap Up

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Allow students a chance at the end of class to discuss their conclusion with peers, to ask questions, and to explain where they need more help. TodaysMeet is a great website to use for this because you can leave the classroom open for several days and look back at the conversations at another time.