Lesson Plan

Una leyenda mazateca: El fuego y el tlacuache

The legend is from Mexico. It explain the origin of fire and why the tail of an opossum is bare.
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1 HOOK/ATTENTION GETTER : Instructor captures student interest and connects with prior knowledge and experience.

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I will ask students,  what is a legend? what types of things do legends explain?

I will play a video that explain the cultural background information about the Mazatec people and their origin in Mexico.

Student Instructions

Students will come up with a few theories about the origin of fire before reading the legend.

Students will look at an infography  and will infer what this legend will be about.

Students will talk about legends that they know.

2 DIRECT INSTRUCTION : Instructor shares knowledge, concepts, theories, and vocabulary with students.

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Prezi Classic
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I will play the audio(Youtube)  and the students follow along in their texts as they listen to the story. They will listen the audio a few times.

Student Instructions

Students will write down words that they do not know or understand.

Students will look for verbs in the imperfect tense and underline irregular imperfect verbs.

In pairs or group students will track the storyline using words such as hace mucho siglos, un día, luego, and siempre to understand when something is happening in the story. Then they will put the events in chronological order.

3 GUIDED PRACTICE : Students work collaboratively to apply and work with knowledge, concepts, and theories.


Using the reading vocabulary students will fill in the blank and answer the comprehension questions. Then the entire class will go over the answer.

Student Instructions

Complete all the activities using the vocabulary in the Smartboard. 

4 INDEPENDENT PRACTICE : Students complete work independently to demonstrate their mastery.

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 You and your classmates will work in groups of three to learn more about Spanish-speaking countries legends. Then you will pick one or create your own.  You will write  story using the Preterite and imperfect tense.

Student Instructions

Use google drive or prezi to present it to your class. Make sure to inclue a lot of images and follow the rubric.

5 WRAP-UP : Sum up the lesson, but provide opportunities to further student learning.

Students will have a quiz to check their understanding about what they learned in the lesson.

Student Instructions

Students will answer using their own devices.