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Two step equations

solving two step equations
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Students will be able to solve two or more variables to represent relationships between quantities. 

Grades 8 – 9
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1 Hook: Video on two step equations

Go onto Khan Academy and play the video about two step equations.

Student Instructions

The student will watch the video and take note on the lesson the video show them.


Activity: Broadcasting

Talk to the student about the different types of problems the video when through and discuss the problem the students have, so they can gain a better understanding  of the equations. 

Student Instructions

The student should ask questions about the video that they didn't understand. 


On Khan Academy go to the practice problem and have problem on the start board that the student can solve together. The student can work in small group to solve the problems. After all the groups solve the question, ask a group what the answers is and submit it on khan academy. Do this for about 8-10 questions.

Student Instructions

The student will get into small groups and help each other on problem at are shown on the smart board. 


Activity: Other — Work Sheet

Handout a worksheet on two step equations that the student will work on independently. If the student has any questions about the work, go over the problem independent to the other students.   

Student Instructions

the student will be getting a worksheet to work on independently to the other students. They can ask question about the worksheet to the teacher if they need help.


At the last 10 minutes of class go on the smart board and go over any problems the students have on two step equations. 

Student Instructions

The student can ask questions on the lesson for the day.