Lesson Plan

Twlight Zone

Students will learn about the creatures and characteristics of the twlight zone.
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Stanwood Elementary School
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Students will be able to name characteristics and creatures of the twilight zone. 

Grades 2
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1 Hook/Attention Getter

The students will discuss the physical characteristics of the twilight zone. 

2 Direct Instruction

The teacher will give a brief description of the twilight zone. Then, since we know that scientists do not know a lot about the twilight students will make a telegama pretending to be an animal from the twlight zone. Students will work as a group for the final project. 

3 Independent Practice

The teacher will instruct the students to choose an animal from the twilight zone. 

Student Instructions

The group will choose one animal that they would like to research. For 10-15 minutes the students will discover facts about this animal on their own in their observation journal. 

4 Guided Practice

The teacher will instruct the group to come up with a 20 second story line to give scientists information about their animal. 

Student Instructions

Students will create a telegami and pretend they are the animal so that scientists have more information about the twilight zone. They must include the facts that they feel are most important. 

5 Wrap Up

The teacher will show each groups telegami. The teacher will use the telegami and an exit ticket as a formative assessment for this lesson.